Author, organiser, working-class femme

Otter is a working-class trans woman, an author and grassroots community organiser.

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News and updates

  • 11.01.21 Anarchist studies blog posted this interview this week. We discuss writing, science fiction, politics and class.
  • 24.11.20 I recently spoke on this beautifully organised panel about queer and trans activism. I hope you enjoy it.
  • 22.11.20 My new shop is open! Thanks so much to everyone who helped me to pull it together. Also, check out the very cute new holiday cards I made with Anja Van Geert!


Kes/Otter is best known for her transfeminist speculative fiction novels centring marginalised experiences in powerful, deeply diverse resistance movements.

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Queer Animals

As a trans woman and an ecologist, Otter has written extensively about queerness in non-human nature. There’s something about knowing that there are lesbian lizards in the world and orgies of gay manatees and polyamorous oystercatchers and trans clownfish and bisexual red deer and masturbating baboons and kissing zebras that just gives her hope.

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Otter has been a grassroots organiser for over two decades in Europe, the Middle-East and Latin America with a particular focus on the intersection of gender, queerness and environmental struggles. In 2019, she founded Trans Feminism International, organising to meet the material needs of trans women. Otter is a community organiser with aequa in Berlin.

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Articles and interviews

As an organiser and writer, Otter also writes non-fiction articles about class, gender and queerness. Check out Medium for more of her work and listen to some of her interviews.

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