Hello! I’m Kes Otter Lieffe.

I’m an author of trans speculative fiction novels, a workshop facilitator and grassroots community organiser based in Berlin. I also write about queer ecology, class and gender.

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 Trans fiction novels

I write trans speculative fiction novels that centre marginalised experiences in powerful, deeply diverse resistance movements.

Front covers of the Margins trilogy - utopian trans speculative fiction novels with trans, queer, sexworker and nonbinary characters by author, Kes Otter Lieffe

Queer Animals

As a trans author and an ecologist, I’ve written extensively about queerness in non-human nature. There’s something about knowing that there are lesbian lizards in the world, gay giraffes, polyamorous oystercatchers, sex-changing clownfish, bisexual red deer, and masturbating bonobos that just gives me hope.

Image of flamingos from Queer Animals Colouring Zine by author of trans speculative fiction, Kes Otter Lieffe. Illustrated by Anja Van Geert. This coloring zine celebrates the diversity of animals and our beautiful queer communities.

Story-telling for Engagement

Do you need to tell the story of your organisation, project or small business to the outside world, but keep getting lost in the what and how of story-telling? I’ve created this story-telling course for you.


I’m a community organiser with aequa, working towards mutual support, solidarity and social equity in Berlin, Germany

Articles and interviews

I write articles about class, gender and queerness. And I love giving interviews. My article on utopias and marginalisation was recently published in Strange Horizons. I also speak regularly on panels and podcasts

Kes Otter Lieffe, author of utopian trans speculative fiction novels