illustration by Anja Van Geert of Kes Otter Lieffe, author of Queer and Trans Speculative Fiction

Hello! I’m Kes Otter Lieffe.

Iā€™m an author of queer speculative fiction novels. I also write about queer ecology, class and gender. I write from a working-class, chronically ill, transfeminine perspective.

I’ve been a grassroots community organiser for over twenty years.

 Trans fiction novels

I’m the author of Margins – a trilogy of queer and trans speculative fiction novels. In these futuristic stories, marginalised characters take centre stage in powerful resistance movements. Everything is at stake and so much is possible.

Front covers of the Margins trilogy - utopian trans speculative fiction novels with trans, queer, sexworker and nonbinary characters by author, Kes Otter Lieffe

Queer Ecology

As an ecologist and queer activist, there’s something in knowing that there are lesbian lizards and gay giraffes, kissing zebras and sex-changing fish that makes me want to explore more. Knowing that each of us is a community – interwoven and connected – fills me with hope. With illustrator Anja Van Geert, I’ve created the Queer Animals and Plants zine series, and a full-size colouring book available now on pre-order. I regularly give workshops and presentations on the subject and hold Queer Ecology walks.

Organising and activism

I’ve been a grassroots community organiser for over twenty years. I have recently created several trans solidarity projects including Beyond Visibility, Get-home-Safe and Everyday Trans Solidarity


Inspired by themes from my novels, I’m hosting a cosy podcast discussing anything from solidarity movements and trans herbalism to friendship and queer ecology.

I’m also a (shy) public speaker!

Full video of my presentation, Queer Ecologies of Resistance with Studium Gent and Olave Basebose