Home is a verb

Home is a verb

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Our climate has been transformed, and so have we. We can’t go back to who we were, and we wouldn’t want to. My life now is spent between the land and the sea. The walls of my cave are cool on the warmest of days, and wave-song enters my dreams at night. My closest friends are gulls and the salty wind.

The world turns again.

Leaving home feels like danger, but there are forces stronger than fear. And my gut knows – in the way that bodies always know – there are more changes to come.

The air is never the same twice.

This new novel from speculative fiction author and ecologist, Kes Otter Lieffe, explores burnout and despair, collective collapse and recovery.

In a shifting world, marginalised characters must face their traumas and embrace change. In their search for healing, they are brought together, finding home in the least expected of places.

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Speculative fiction, science fiction, environment, queer, LGBT+, trans, non-binary, ecology, queer ecology, birds, bird flu, pandemic, apocalypse, resilience, community, activism, language, class, animism, nature, nature connection.

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