When Otter isn’t writing transfeminist novels and running a massage clinic and online school, she keeps herself busy writing articles and giving interviews.

Here you’ll find a delicious mix of her writings on gender and classguest interviews with inspiring activists and some fun articles on queer ecology.  Enjoy.

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Why Queer Ecology?

As a trans woman and an ecologist, I find queerness in non-human nature a profoundly important subject. There’s something about knowing that there are lesbian lizards in the world and orgies of gay manatees and polyamorous oystercatchers and trans clownfish and bisexual red deer and masturbating baboons and kissing zebras that just gives me hope.


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Walking on eggshells — surviving social capital

My latest article on Medium!  This might be the most fire-filled article I’ve written in quite a while. It took me two decades but I’m finding my voice. And my rage 

“I’ve been told that everyone experiences this, that we’re all walking on eggshells and being vigilant not to say the wrong thing. It’s the toxicity of call-out culture, I’m told. We’re all affected, I’m told. I don’t agree. I see people with more social capital in our circles saying and doing anything they like, with apparent impunity. I’ve experienced classism, ableism, transmisogyny and sexual assaults within the scene that would put the mainstream to shame. And accountability doesn’t serve people like me.”

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Fight like hell

(Contains mentions of various systematic forms of violence against trans women including incarceration. Image shows a purple and yellow pansy flower in focus, surrounded by several others out of focus)


This Tuesday is Trans Day of Remembrance/Resilience. It’s become something of a tradition, this ‘remembering’ of the trans folk (almost all young, poor, trans women of colour) murdered by transphobia, transmisogyny, poverty and racism in the last year.
While marking this is incredibly important (and definitely let’s talk about the systemic reasons behind this violence and then bring it all down) I would also like wider society to show up for trans women while we’re still alive.

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