Queer Ecology

Queer activism and environmental movements are deeply connected.

I’m proud to be both an ecologist and queer activist living out on the land. I love writing and presenting about this subject, telling the stories of lesbian lizards and gay giraffes, bisexual deer and sex-changing fish, the natural history of queerness that has been hidden and erased. I’m excited to make new connections between grassroots struggles and to be reminded that we are all interwoven and interconnected, each of us a multi-species community. Next year I hope to release a full non-fiction book on queer ecology and maybe even a new podcast. Here are some of the other queer ecology projects I’m working on.


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Colouring books

Along with illustrator, Anja Van Geert, I created the Queer Animals and Queer Plants zines and a full-sized colouring book published in March 2023. The perfect gift for all your friends who love queer animals and plants!

Podcast episodes

On my podcast you’ll find episodes about a trans herbal clinic in New York, a queer ecology exhibit in Switzerland and how we made Queer Plants Colouring zine.

What even is Queer Ecology? An audio introduction