The secret sex life of gay giraffes

Few animals have filled as many children’s picture books as the mighty giraffe. Little do those illustrators know how incredibly gay they are.

Gay Giraffes illustration from Queer Animals Coloring zine. Written by author of trans speculative fiction, Kes Otter Lieffe. Illustrated by Anja Van Geert. This coloring zine celebrates the diversity of animals and our beautiful queer communities.

Male giraffes have a unique form of flirting, and seduction, called necking. For up to an hour they’ll stand next to each other, usually facing in opposite directions and gently rub their necks all over each other’s bodies leading to erections all round and often orgasms. They might get excited enough to mount each other too, sometimes repeatedly and sometimes in groups of up to four or five. That’s a lot of neck.

Giraffes are not big breeders—in fact only a small percentage of adults breed at all. In one study, during 3,200 hours of detailed study over an entire year, only one single straight mating was observed. In another study on the other hand, gay mounting and necking made up an impressive 94% of all giraffe sexual activity.

So next time you see a giraffe in a picture book or a commercial or on the cover of a magazine, just remember: super gay.

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Kes Otter Lieffe is an author of trans speculative fiction novels and writes articles about queer ecology, class and gender. Gay giraffes Illustration by Anja Van Geert.