Release date: summer 2020

Isolation and connection. Restrictions and freedom. Having written in 2017 about a splintering Europe and the economic crisis of the 2020s, trans author Otter Lieffe invites us to explore the near future in her new story, Dignity. Her readers are shown a world in which fascism is resurging following pandemics and climate devastation, a fractured continent, and a militarised state. Against this grim backdrop, her characters form a deeply diverse resistance movement that brings connection, strength and hope to those who need it most. 

Otter’s novels can be read as a trilogy, in any order, or as stand-alone stories.

Survival is an act of resistance.

Isolation and containment are part of daily life for those locked away in the decrepit institution known as ‘the Home’. 

Only the illicit arrival of the Resistance breaks the monotony and neglect. Among the visitors are Ash, an elderly trans woman with a mysterious ability to transcend time and space, and her best friend and fellow organiser, Pinar. Their nights of reconnection and plotting the revolution are nothing less than fabulous.

But their movement is at risk. Following pandemics and economic crises across Europe, the governing military regime has a tight grip on the population. In the State’s drive to maintain its fragile power, the diverse spaces of the Resistance, created by some of the most marginalised people in society, prove to be the perfect scapegoat. 

As Ash and her community fight back, they are reminded that in a world that wants them gone, survival is an act of resistance.