How to Order

Check out the webshop to order your copy of my novels directly.

Margins and Murmurations is now available at many local bookstores, public libraries,, Indiebound,, Barnes and Noble, Indigo and Amazon. Stores and libraries are usually able to order it in, so feel free to ask đź’•

You can also order from these great distros:

Active distribution, a UK based non-profit anarcho distro. 

* AK press in the US

* Black Mosquito, a Germany based non-profit anarcho distro

* Hex distro, a UK based workers co-op, non-profit distro

* PM Press, UK and US

Trans*Fabel, a Germany based trans, inter, non-binary distro

Or find the novels in all your favourite stores, including:

Kartonnen Dozen LGBT bookstore, Antwerp

Curious Fox, Berlin

Other Nature, Berlin

Queer Books, Bern

Hydra books, Bristol

Category is books, Glasgow

Hausman’s Radical Booksellers, London

Hares and Hyenas, Melbourne

Librairie L’Euguélionne, Montréal

Bluestockings, New York City

The Wooden Shoe, Philadelphia

The Barricade (ACU), Utrecht