This resource page is constantly expanding, please get in touch if you have a resource you think might be a good fit here.

Here are some of the beautiful projects I’ve had the opportunity to work with in the last few years. Every one of them is doing critical work. Please check them out and support where you can.

aequa – a community for social equity working on mutual support, collective empowerment and collaborative action in Berlin, Germany

Black and Pink – a national US prison abolitionist organization dedicated to abolishing the criminal punishment system and liberating LGBTQIA2S+ people and people living with HIV/AIDS who are affected by that system through advocacy, support, and organizing.  

Books Beyond Bars UK – a collective of volunteers who send books and other educational materials, free of charge, to incarcerated LGBTQIA+ people across the United Kingdom.

Hydra Café – a space in Berlin by, and for, s-x workers. Multi-lingual workshops and meeting spaces.

LGBT Books to Prisoners – a donation-funded, volunteer-run organization based in Wisconsin, USA, that sends books and other educational materials, free of charge, to incarcerated LGBTQ people across the United States.

Pin Primrose – Queer and trans-centred herbalism and (online) breathwork.

Solidarity Apothecary – materially supporting revolutionary struggles and communities with plant medicines to strengthen collective autonomy, self-defence and resilience to climate change, capitalism and state violence.

SWARM – a collective founded and led by s-x workers who believe in self-determination, solidarity and co-operation.

Trans*fabel – Bücher und Kunstprodukte, die verdeutlichen & feiern, dass es mehr als zwei Geschlechter.

Yarrow Magdalena – queer-centred consultation, community and podcast for small businesses

And a big thanks to designer, Zoe Langer who’s done so much of the design for this website and the book covers! Her work is wonderful.

Trans resources – health and care

Competent Care for Transgender, GenderQueer and Non-Binary Folks – A Resource for Herbalists and other Practitioners. Curated by Clinical Herbalists Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich and Larken Bunce

Sylvia Rivera Law Project – New York based organisation working on access to care, quality of care and larger issues of self-determination.

Berlin resources

Berlin Collective Action – Berlin Collective Action e.V. exists to give support and aid to those most impacted by risk and violence in Berlin, as a result of COVID-19 and its egregious economic aftermath. S-x worker centred.

Trans* S-xworks – a project by and for trans, inter and non-binary s-x workers

Bodywork resources

Radical Bodywork Network – a resource for bodyworkers and holistic practitioners working in the context of social justice and for people mobilising for societal change who want to bring more somatic practices into their work. 

Other resources

Bent Bars – A letter-writing project for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, gender-variant, intersex, and queer prisoners in Britain

Bent Bars Trans Prisoner info sheets:

Big Door Brigade – what is mutual aid?

Kai Cheng Thom – incredible writer performer and cultural worker. Facilitation, conflict resolution

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief – a grassroots disaster relief network based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action