Speaking Tour


Since Margins and Murmurations was released in March 2017, Otter has been on two international reading and workshop tours. Now she’s back home working on a sequel, but will be on tour again with her second book, Conserve and Control from Spring 2018. 

If you would like to host a book-reading or a workshop, please email: otter.lieffe@gmail.com

Confirmed so far: 


4th April. BerlinOther Nature. 8.30-10pm. FB event here.

Early-April. Brussels. Launch party for Conserve and Control and reading event. Details coming soon.

22nd April. Utrecht. ACU. Details coming soon.

24th April. London. LARC. 2-4pm Workshop: Writing from the Margins. 6-8pm Book reading and movie screening

25th April. Birmingham. The GAP Arts Project. 6.30. FB event here

27th April. 6.30-9.30Liverpool. Gostins Liverpool City Centre. Book reading with Liverpool ATH and Liverpool Trans. FB event here.

29th April. Manchester. NUS Trans Conference. Book reading and writing workshop. Details coming soon.

11th-13th May. Scottish Radical Herbalism Gathering. Trans-competency workshop for herbalists. Details coming soon.

24th May. Bern, Switzerland. Frauenraum. Details coming soon.

Zurich and Basel. Details coming soon.

June-July. Berlin. Writing workshops, reading events and massage classes.

August. New York frikkin’ City.


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Otter’s first tours were epic.

Here are the events for posterity. And check out these cute photos!