Not enough

Cis allies, I’m so glad you’ve been showing up to fill in the GRA consultation. It’s massively important to a lot of trans folks in the UK and after this year of hell and the seemingly endless stream of transphobic and transmisogynist crap it’s provoked, it’s the least we’d expect.

But it isn’t nearly enough.1

Spending five minutes online to fill out a form was never going to be enough and announcing this great act of solidarity in public spaces looks a lot like ally theatre. Please don’t be that person.

Instead, you could use your privilege to support us in all the other ways we’re constantly asking you to. Fight transmisogyny and transphobia in its million forms, every day, in a million ways. Fight trans precarity, unemployment and our lack of access to survival services. Support trans prisoners, or, you know, just abolish prisons, that’d be good too. Show up for trans elders and youth. Make sure we get home at the end of the night. Show up for the inconvenient trans people who don’t meet your stereotypes, who are pissed off and poor and want better solidarity.

It’ll take a lot more work than filling in a form and you might not get a cookie at the end but I promise, if you really want to be an ally to trans folks, we have all kinds of ideas for how you can do that. And together, we will be so much stronger. ❤

[image shows: a selfie of Otter in front of a purple material background looking at the camera. She wears a turquoise strappy top, a sparkly necklace and purple lipstick]


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