We did it!


It really happened – Conserve and Control was launched today!
I’m so proud that this radical, sexy, uncompromising novel is out in the world. And barely a year since Margins and Murmurations hit the shelf…it’s been a ride!
If you pre-ordered your copy, it’s on its way. If you missed it, no problem, it’s already up on Amazon and there should be a second edition with Active Distributions next month in time for the tour.
Thank you so much to everyone who’s been on this epic journey making a dream come true. If you’d like to support the book, there are some ideas below.
love you all and thank you!
Books like Conserve and Control exist because of the communities that create them. I’ve done some epic writing these months and now I need some help getting it out into the world!
  • Order a copy for you and your friends
  • Take a book selfie (or cat photo…) and post it on social media
  • Request it at your local library, it’s already available in North London because of this – it works!
  • Support the Patreon. Without this financial support, this whole project would never have happened. Crowdfunding is such an incredible thing and has made all the difference

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