Gay Mermaids, Manatee orgies

West Indian Manatees, (Trichechus manatus), are large aquatic mammals that live in the Caribbean, northeastern Brazil and the southeast of North America.

Despite common assumptions about queerness in the animal kingdom, these beautiful mammals are really very gay. Male manatees of all ages commonly engage in gay sex.

And it’s a total party.


[Image shows: a manatee facing right swimming in teal coloured waters]  content note: sex, genitals, ecocide.

Two male manatees will sometimes begin sex by kissing their muzzles together above the water. They then embrace and sink to the bottom thrusting against each other. They roll around in the mud, unsheathe their cocks and rub them together – often until they cum. They sometimes mate in a 69, head to tail position, nibble each other’s bits and jerk each other off with a flipper.

All this is quite different to straight sex in this species and generally lasts two to four times as long.

Often males form orgies of up to four, kissing, thrusting and rubbing their dicks against each other. They have also been known to make uniquely gay sounds of pleasure, different again to the sounds made during straight coupling. You know…gay-er. 

Manatees were long mistaken for mermaids and sirens – those feminine, boundary-crossing creatures who seduced sailors with their beauty and hypnotising songs. Their closest living relatives, incidentally, are hyraxes and elephants. Who could have guessed?

But beauty and mystery won’t be enough to save this beautiful species. The West Indian manatees are endangered by hunting, pollution and collisions with boats and are down to 10,000 individuals in the wild. Tragically, without immediate action, they, and their raunchy sex lives, may very well soon go extinct.

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